Sondra Bernstein, owner of “the girl & the fig” restaurant in Sonoma, hosts this weekly podcast along with her friend Brian Casey, Sommelier at The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and veteran of the hospitality industry for over 30 years. They discuss all aspects of the food world, from seeds and beans to fries and foie gras. “If you can eat it, we want to talk about it”. Guests include chefs. producers, advocates, food critics, local farmers, cheese makers and bakers. No subject is “off the table”. 


Sometimes controversial but always delicious …

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our guests

EP 57
EP 56
Sonoma Family Meal
Heather + Fran
EP 55
EP 54
Brian & Sondra
EP 53
Jim Denevan
Outstanding in the Field
EP 52
Terri & Mark Stark
Stark Reality Restaurants
EP 51
Dave Ehreth
Sonoma Brinery
EP 50
Gibson Thomas - Edible
Marin & Wine Country
EP 49
Kitchen Table Advisors
EP 48
Renee ReBell
Gourmet Food & Wine Tours
EP 47
Christian Cartano
Little Paradise Farm
EP 46
Eileen Gordon
EP 45
Carrie Brown
Jimtown Store
EP 44
Ozzy & Christian
Noble Folk/Moustache
EP 43
Dustin Valette
EP 42
Joanne Weir
EP 41
Marcus Benedetti
Clover Sonoma
EP 40
Mike Zakowski
The Bejkr
EP 39
Alicia Deal
EP 38
Saul Gropman
Cafe La Haye
EP 37
Duskie Estes - John Stewart - Zazu
EP 36
Bohemian Creamery -
Lisa Gottreich
EP 35
Laura Holmes Haddad
EP 34
Kyle Connaughton -
Single Thread
Ep. 33
Tsering Sherpa
Ep. 32
Miyoko & Alison -
The Vegan Show
EP 31
Patti Britton -
Britton Design
Ep. 30
Michelle Heston -
Heston Cakes
Ep. 29
Alison Kilmer -
The Sisterhood of Tea
Rob Larman -
Cochon Volant
EP. 27
Nile Zacherele -
Mad Fritz Brewing
EP. 26
John McReynolds -
A Chef's Journey
Ep. 25
Chef Cole Dickinson- Layla
Ep. 24
Sonoma Farm Trails
EP. 23
Karen Taylor -
El Molino Central
EP. 22
Kendall Jackson Winery - Justin, Tracey & Tucker
EP. 21
Jennifer + Jim Reichardt
EP. 20
Laci Sandoval
EP. 19
Kathleen Hill
EP. 18
Deirdre Bourdet
EP 17.
Justine Reichman - NextGenChef
EP 16
Gary Edwards
EP 15
Jay Rooke
EP 14
REBBL - Not For Sale
Rusti Porter, Rachel Hauser, Terra Judge
EP 13
Valley Fig Growers
EP 12
Rustic Bakery - Carol LeValley
EP 11
Jerry James Stone
EP 10
Ron Tanner
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