sondra bernstein


I’ve been in love with food since I was a kid.

On Sunday, my parents took me and my brothers to the Jewish deli for bagels and lox and the Chinese restaurant for eggrolls and kung pao chicken for dinner. Wawa, Overbrook Water Ice were regular stops and we devoured hoagies and tuna ginders at the Jersey shore.​


My mom packed a mean bagged lunch for school and cooked a square meal for us on school nights. I didn't always know which animals provided the meat we were eating, most fish came out of a can and I never knew the farmer who grew our vegetables. 


These are some of my earliest and fondest food memories. Even though I can remember some of the food, it was really all about the people that shared these experiences.

​Fast forward to living in Sonoma for over 25 years, where everything is different from my Philadelphia days.  Food is farm fresh, in season and only worth eating if it is delicious. There are more varieties of fruits and vegetables than ever.  Since moving to Sonoma, I have a new love affair with what's on my plate.


​I look forward to sharing my favorite subject with you - FOOD. We will talk with people that grow, cook, write, teach, lobby and sell food. These are some of the most passionate people you will ever meet. Let's talk food!

brian casey


I’ve been in love with food since I was a kid.


My mom used to take me to Cader Farms for our chicken and eggs, Batemon’s Butcher Shop for our meats, and a little bakery just outside of town for our bread, learning at an early age the importance of sourcing local, seasonal ingredients and supporting local farmers and growers.

I started working in restaurants as a dishwasher when I was fifteen, eventually moving into every position possible. My love of wine started when I was eighteen, handling bottles with weird labels and foreign words, pictures of castles and chateaus. All of the ingredients we were using in the kitchen and these unique wines had one thing in common, a story.


Let me introduce you to some of these truly passionate people that put food and drink on the table.